Terms And Conditions

  1. Site inspection is on schedule and we decide using a set calendar; meanwhile customers are allowed for site inspection on request but this attracts a charge of 10000 Naira.
  2. Documentation is free and the land documents are released to the customer after the 24th month of consistent payment.
  3. Allocation is done within 2years of consistent payment from the date of purchase.
  4. Defaulters are allowed a grace period within the speculated 6th-12th month.
  5. Customers that default on the payment for a period of 3 months, would on the fourth month of wanting to get on the plan, pay at the new cost of the land.
  6. Land locations of choice cannot be changed, so we advise a concrete knowledge of the location before making a choice.
  7. Should there be a case where the customer cannot continue payment as agreed, probably as a result of death or any other unforeseen conditions, we welcome the next of kin to take up the payment plan. This is to lay emphasis on the note that there is no REFUND.
  8. Customer are only entitled to health insurance if and only if they complete their monthly payments without defaulting. Note: Health insurance only covers the registered customer.
  9. All payments should be made directly to the company’s account (see details below) and payment receipt sent to the agents or associates for confirmation and to treat TopUp.
  10. Note, Buildbay would not be responsible for any funds sent into any other account other than the company’s account.
  11. By submitting your card details, you authorise our system to auto-debit your bank account for the payment of the estate location you have chosen and at the frequency you have chosen.
  12. The land is not transferable until after 2years and completion of payment, except in the case of permanent disability or death.
  13. All dispute and grievance shall be settled and resolved through ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)